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Who will always give you and your business the time and understanding you deserve?

Tired of feeling undervalued and overcharged? Looking for a friendly firm of Bedfordshire accountants who will sort out your accounts and tax without turning it into a drama… or costing you a fortune? An approachable and efficient firm that takes the time to understand the complexities of your business – and provide tailor-made solutions?

Relax! You’ve found us! That’s exactly what you get with Thompsons Accounting...

Call now on 01234 217 906 to arrange an informal, no-obligation chat over a cup of coffee. If you'd like to escape from the hassle of tax and accounts, pay less tax (who wouldn’t?) and get your plans in shape for a secure and comfortable future, it’s a great place to start.

If that sounds good, here are even more reasons to pick up the phone…


Is your business underperforming?

Not making as much profit as you'd like? Wondering how you can break through to the next level? Come and talk to us… You'll be surprised at how quickly Thompsons can help you move in the right direction. If you think all accountants are the same, think again! Thompsons don't just 'do accounts', you’ll also get great advice on how to grow your business, fund your retirement, build and protect your assets and of course, pay less tax.

For an informal, no-obligation chat about how you can put yourself in control of your business, watch it grow and keep more profit for yourself by paying less tax, contact us today.


How Does Your Business Work?

What makes your business tick? What are the critical areas that could be holding you back? What are the ‘pinch-points’ in your production processes? If your main competitor chopped his prices overnight, what impact would that have on your business? Come and have a chat with us and you’ll probably find out more about your business in 30 minutes than you believe is possible.